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Ercon Ship Building & Consulting

Located at Kocaeli / Turkey.  

Since 2019, we are representing Norwegian Maritime Authority in Turkey.
NMA Survey is our brand name for consultancy and supervision services.

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"What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.”   Aristotle

Ercon is your reliable and solid partner in ship building.  With our experience, we are here to consult about your needs. 

- Site Team Management, Providing Experienced and Certified Site Team Crew
- New Building Inspections and Verifications for Merchant, Service and Military vessels
- Reporting Completion with Comparison to Contract Schedule.
- Project Consultancy, Technical Evaluation and Detailing of Contracts
- Verification of Equipment Specifications Before/After Procurement
- Project Planning and Calculation of Completion
- Ship and Platform Repair Supervision
- Agency Services such as house/car rentals, transportation, cleaning, household supplies, custom works and bureaucratic procedures.
- Shipyard Installations
- Special purpose machinery production (Yacht Carriers, Conveyors, Lifting Equipment)



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“The only source of knowledge is experience.”   Albert Einstein

What we offer is simply, proven experience and reliability. The experience, capability and passion of us is the foundation for our success in serving our clients. We work for skill development and forming a work environment that fosters our growth.

Erdem BÖKÜ

Bsc. Naval Architect and Marine Eng.
Founder & Surveyor

20 years of experience in ship building

Key Background Positions:
-Surveyor and Consultant for NMA
-Site Manager in Sungdong Shipyard
-Quality Control Manager in Selah Shipyard
-Planning Mng. in Armada, Atlas and KSS
-Planning Engineer in Besiktas Shipyard
-Design Manager in Turker Shipyard


Bsc. Naval Architect and Marine Eng.
Co-Founder, Surveyor

25 years of experience in ship building

Key Background Positions: 
-Surveyor and Consultant for NMA
-Site Supervisor - Norled AS
-Site Supervisor - Aas Mek
-Site Coordinator - Marnavi Offshore SPA
-General Manager - MTS Eng. Consultancy
-Design Engineer - Ulstein Group
-Design & Site Engineer - Es-Cad Design
-Design & Site Engineer - Sadıkoğlu Shipyard
-UT Operator - Gemtek Engineering Ltd.


Track Records

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"We are not makers of history. We are made by history."   Martin Luther King, Jr.

Since Ercon Ship Building and Consulting began in 2019, we have supplied our services on many vessels.
Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - take a look, and get in touch to learn more.



Tersan Shipyard - 1094

LNG and Battery powered Cruise Vessel
Owner: Havila Kystruten

Havila Capella


Tersan Shipyard - 1093

LNG and Battery powered Cruise Vessel
Owner: Havila Kystruten



Sefine Shipyard - NB48 and NB49

Battery powered Passenger Vessel
Owner: Boreal AS

Oddrun With, Cargo vessel


Tersan Shipyard - 1095

LNG powered Cargo Vessel
Owner: Egil Ulvan Rederi AS

Harald Martin, Live Fish Carrier, Wellboat


Tersan Shipyard - 1089

LNG powered Live Fish Carrier - 4300 cbm.
Owner: Nordlaks



Tersan Shipyard - 1088

LNG powered Live Fish Carrier - 4300 cbm.
Owner: Nordlaks

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Topcular Mah. 3075. Sk. Panorama Kent 12E D:1

41950 Golcuk/Kocaeli/Turkey

+90 533 713 6773

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